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With your brilliant WiFi security solution I can sleep well when my WiFi network works all the night. I tried a lot of other WiFi security software but all of them are too expensive to me and doesn't do what they claim. I respect your honesty and really fast support team.
Albert Hudson, OR, USA

Thank you for all of your support. Arovax SmartHide works much better. Now I hide IP address without worrying about slowing down the Internet speed. Without your help I would have just given up and been very frustrated.
James London, FL, USA

I like Arovax SmartHide very much. It is very gratifying to find a company today that is as interested in providing service as they are in selling the product. You are an exception in today's software online world.
Jeremy Brown, L.A., USA

Wow! I'm impressed! Thanks for the very fast response, and the instant solution. I could not find the facility which can change IP address securely and without the reduction of Internet speed. But now all is in the past. Arovax SmartHide made me believe that it is possible.
Dennis J. Miller, IN, USA

It took me 5 seconds to protect myself. Arovax SmartHide is the very fast solution compared to other services. It can hide IP address so fast that I cannot even notice that moment.
David Smallridge, UK

I really do appreciate your help. New version of Arovax SmartHide is awesome. I do not need proxies lists anymore. I am also pleased that your group listened to my suggestion regarding the auto startup function and added it in this upgrade. Now it can change IP address immediately.
Satisfied Customer
Mike Collins, AZ, USA

I purchased and downloaded your Arovax SmartHide and used it last night. I must say that SmartHide works quite well. I would say you have a "Winner" with this application. This solution is the easiest that can change IP address so fast.
Frank Garrett, CA, USA

Usually it takes me several hours to find an available proxy with high anonymity. But with Arovax SmartHide it is possible to hide IP address in a few seconds. And you even don't have to pay if speeds are preferable for you. As for me, I like this program and have already purchased it and must say that now I surf the Internet with high anonymity and fast Internet connections. BTW, thank you very much for your prompt answers.
Bill Kinney, AR, USA

I have downloaded Arovax SmartHide for free today and have already used it. I had to change IP address software. I had changed IP address and visited some sites. Nobody had noticed me.
Roger E. Kubly, WI, USA

... got a reply back within a few minutes, what an excellent service you give. SmartHide is EXCELLENT and can be well recommended to my friends which I have many.
Wilfred Wright, UK

Software does exactly what the site says. Now I can change IP address to check some other Internet resources.
David W. Murray, VA, USA

Many thanks for your speedy response to my problem. What a breath of fresh air, excellent customer support!! Good luck for the future.
Terry Barber, UK

Cool little program. It has always been a major product for me. Most of services cannot suggest what SmartHide suggests - with one button push I can change IP address and be absolutely secure. I would end up going to services like proxies and proxy lists. All this was a real pain. I'm impressed. I am now going to tell the Internet about SmartHide opportunities. Then I go to your site to pay, get my number key, and make this smooth program permanently mine. 
Larry, CA, USA

Thanks, fellows. SmartHide works very nicely. Your application does a great work. When I hide IP address, it makes my connection to the Net cleaner and less messy. Keep up the good work.
Mike Lemon, ZA

Nice software, will recommend to my clients to help to change IP address.
Dave, GB

Thank you very much for helping me that quickly. Now I can hide IP address faster than with proxies previously.
Jacques Deseure, BE

Thanks for the free software - It was a pleasure to watch the program in full action. Compact and FAST!
Robert Bruce, FL, USA

I would like to applaud you for your excellent customer service and for being so prompt in resolving the issue. Now I have a capability to change IP address. This procedure doesn't take much time at all. Thank you again.
Helen A. Crocker, FL, USA

I am extremely grateful for your efficiency and promptness in replying to me. I have found Arovax SmartHide excellent in every way. I will try to hide IP address with its help. If I'm not satisfied with a free version then I'll buy it later.
Karl Adrian Haan, UK

Many thanks, a swift service as always! Really perfect software. I see that I can hide IP address when I would like and this fact makes me smile. Viva!
Tim Windsor, UK

Emailed earlier. Took the test drive of your free version but later bought the product. Works great, thanks for an easy to use navigation! All I need is to push the button "Make me invisible" to change IP address in a few seconds. And triumph - I am invisible.
Rick Johnson, IL, USA

I really appreciate your help and patience with the matter. I tried SmartHide free version and was so impressed with it's ability and ease of use that after examining other products including and trying [a competing product], I am happy to buy yours.
James Hamilton, NM, USA

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