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The demise of SmartHide service
Everything comes to an end. Our service is not an exception.

SmartHide CA Subscription
Dear SmartHide users. We hasten to inform you that we have a new personal subscription - "SmartHide Personal CA Subscription", that provides its users with dedicated IP addresses in Canada.

New version of SmartHide client
Dear SmartHide users. We are happy to present the new version of our client.

Beta version of new SmartHide client
We are glad to introduce a beta version of new SmartHide client.

SmartHide Personal IP Subscription
We are glad to introduce our new subscription - SmartHide Personal IP Subscription.

SmartHide Worldwide Subscription
We are glad to introduce our new type of subscription - SmartHide Worldwide Subscription.

Speedy Singapore IP was added
Today we are happy to announce that we have added a Singapore IP address.

Share SmartHide and get discount
You can obtain 10% discount, if you share SmartHide on Facebook.

New referral program
The SmartHide Team is pleased to announce the launch of a new referral program

SmartHide UK Subscription
SmartHide presents a new SmartHide UK Subscription, which offers its users dedicated IP addresses in the United Kingdom.

Try free SmartHide VIP subscription
From now on you can try the best SmartHide VIP Subscription for free. The proposal is time-limited

We Make Cool Gifts for All New SmartHide Users
We are presenting good gifts for all new customers. Now every who need to be anonymous in the Internet can easily try for free each of our Subscription and choose the one.

Two great discounts for Personal USA and for Two Continents Subscriptions
Hello dear SmartHide users and active customers. Today we have two great news for you.

Tired of VPN trials with limited options? Give a try on SmartHide VPN Trial!
Make use of new SmartHide VPN trial and you will learn a real power of SmartHide without spending a penny

Two online anonymizers instead of one
USe new free SmartHide online anonymizers for complete online anonymity

Super Summer Discounts for SmartHide Affiliates
Get 20% discount for All SmartHide Subscriptions right now and earn more commissions!

New Paris IP is added to VIP Subscription
Try new Paris IP on VIP SmartHide Subscription

New USA IP is added to VIP Subscription
Try new USA IP on your favorite VIP SmartHide Subscription right away

One more German IP address added to SmartHide servers
New DE IP is pretty fast and super secure

New SmartHide Trial is Released
We released an improved SmartHide Trial with fast shared USA IP for all new customers

Earn $3.5-$174 Per Every Sale of SmartHide
Start getting 35% commission on every sale of every SmartHide Subscription

Good News For SmartHide V.I.P. and Two Continents Subscription Users
Today we have some new things that we implemented to make the process of port forwarding easier on Personal USA IP or Personal EUR IP

SmartHide v.2.4.368 Edition Is Published Today
It looks modern and all the users will notice an increase in stability and speed of Internet connection.

SmartHide EUR Servers Became Faster
Now SmartHide IPs Are Faster on 100% On All Personal EUR IPs

We Offer 30% Christmas Discounts Now
SmartHide 30% discount is valid from December 18 till December 25

SmartHide VPN for Android and iPhone has been released today
SmartHide VPN is very easy to setup and available for all SmartHide active and new users free of charge

Speedy German IP is Added
We have received many requests from SmartHide users who wished to have German IP address. Today we are happy to announce that we have added one German IP

Disadvantages of On-line Security
Why do great companies usually suffer from the high level of risk concerning the on-line security?

Online Breaches and Online Thefts
What’s the use of computer thefts or data breaches? The answer is simple...

Test the Web Browser and Configure the Internet for Private Information Security
For the safe Internet surfing а browser must be configured properly...

SmartHide for Windows v.2.4.359 released
SmartHide has been updated. There are two main changes in software.

SmartHide Spring Changes in 2011
"USA Subscription" is less on $4.98 (previous price $24.95)

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Enter Coupon Code when you Order SmartHide and save 10% on the initial order and recurring charges!

Arovax SmartHide 2.4.337 Portable Version is released!
Arovax SmartHide 2.4.337 Portable Version is ready and waiting for you inside SmartHide Members Area.

Brand New SmartHide v. 2.4 is Released!
New SmartHide 2.4 is Released to Secure the Web - All over the World

New SmartHide Homepage is Launched!
SmartHide Team is happy to launch our renewed Homepage!

SmartHide Free Trial Edition is launched!
SmartHide Team is happy to announce some good news for all Internet users!

Great SmartHide Release Is Here!
Discover New Features Implemented for Brand New SmartHide Internet Traffic Encryption Software.

Free SmartHide Shared USA Subscriptions
Arovax SmartHide is happy to announce another Giveaway of our Subscriptions.

2 New Shared Servers
A "Christmas present" for all our customers. We have added 2 new SmartHide Shared Servers.

SmartHide on Twitter!
SmartHide launches a SmartHide page on Twitter! The goal is to let Twitter users know about any significant change made

Arovax SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!
A new release of SmartHide for Windows family of OSs is out! Current release has a number of bugs fixed and several important changes implemented.

SmartHide for Mac OS X Beta Test Launched!
We invite beta-testers for the Closed Beta test of a brand new Arovax SmartHide for Mac OS X!

Arovax SmartHide Portable Edition is being released!
A Portable Edition of the most user-friendly hide IP address and network connection encryption Software - SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!

New SmartHide Order Page and more...
We updated the main SmartHide Order Page!

Malaysian Server Switch
According to numerous requests by our clients from Malaysia we have moved our Malaysian server.

Arovax SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released!
Hide IP address and network connection encryption Software SmartHide 2.2.192 is being released

New Malaysian Server
We are switching the old Malaysian server 202.75.xx.xx to the brand new and extremely powerful server.

New USA Server added
We are pleased to announce the addition of a new powerful USA server to the list of available SmartHide servers.

Major SmartHide Support Center Update
SmartHide Team did a major work on updating our SmartHide Support Center Knowledgebase and Troubleshooting sections. We added a lot of articles and answers to your frequently asked questions.

Free accounts will be closed on the 1st of March 2009
At this moment I have to announce that on the 1st of March 2009 all free accounts (currently using only Malaysian server) will be closed.

Port Forwarding for Personal SmartHide Subscriptions
We are glad to announce the implementation of a new feature delivering SmartHide Personal License subscribers a new advanced level of network control.

Registration of free accounts is open
Registration of free accounts is ACTIVE again. We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience caused to you by the upgrade of our back-end system.

New US server with premium bandwidth in Chicago, state of Illinois.
Today we have added a brand new and most powerful server with a premium bandwidth, located in Chicago, U.S. state of Illinois.

Registration of Free accounts is temporarily closed
We are temporarily closing the registration of new free accounts due to the upgrade of our back-end system.

SmartHide 2.1.121 is being released today!
Lots of minor errors and bugs have been fixed in the current hide IP address software. SmartHide became more productive and faster. A number of features have been added to the latest SmartHide release.

Arovax SmartHide v.2.1.101 is being released today!
Hide IP address software SmartHide 2.1.101 is being released today. This version has many innovations and modifications that make the software very easy to use.

Extremely fast Great Britain server is added!
Arovax SmartHide Servers list is updated. We added a completely new and extremely fast server located in the heart of Great Britain - London.

Arovax SmartHide Support Center is launched!
Arovax Company is proud to announce the launch of Arovax SmartHide Support Center. With its help all users of SmartHide software will be able to contact our Support Team 24/7 and receive professional customer support.

German SmartHide Online Anonymizer is added
Arovax SmartHide Team added one more SmartHide Online Anonymizer available for everyone. It is located in Germany and will share the load of users with the first online anonymizer in the USA.

We accept PayPal!
We would like to inform you that we accept PAYPAL for new license types.

Discount Offers from Arovax SmartHide!
Today we have added two new types of Arovax Smarthide license.

Free offer for Chinese users
A new server has been added to the list of SmartHide servers for free accounts.

Chinese users discovered the fastest SmartHide server
The results of the pill of Chinese users, that discovered the fastest SmartHide server.

SmartHide 2.0.74 has been released
Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers, has released SmartHide 2.0.74 on December 20, 2007. Now you can hide IP faster.

Server in Kuala Lumpur, MY
A new server is available now in SmartHide for paid accounts. This server is located in Kuala Lumpur, MY (Malaysia)

Automatic subscription System
Yesterday we implemented an automatic subscription system.

Arovax SmartHide is certified by HACKERSAFE!
We are proud to announce that Arovax SmartHide applied and got certified by ScanAlert HACKERSAFE - the world's largest website security certification service.

Server in Frankfurt, Germany
A new server has been included to SmartHide servers list for paid accounts. This server is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Server in London, GB
New server for paid accounts in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB), London.

New server in the USA
According to the results of the recent poll on our website we've launched a new server available to paid accounts only. The server is located in Chicago, USA.

SmartHide 2.0.56. Hide IP address without problems
Arovax Company has released SmartHide 2.0.56 on November 01, 2007. Now you can hide IP address more secure than previously.

SmartHide 2.0.49 has been released
Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers has released SmartHide 2.0.49 on October 08, 2007.

SmartHide 2.0.46 has been released!
Arovax Company, a leading producer of shareware and freeware software for home users and office workers has released SmartHide 2.0.46 in September 19, 2007.

Online SmartHide Anonymizer released!
We present to you a new opportunity to visit sites over the web staying unnoticed.

SmartHide Official Release!
Online Security and Privacy solutions company Arovax LLC is glad to announce the final release of its innovative and future-oriented software Arovax SmartHide.

Beta testing is open
Beta-registration of Arovax SmartHide 2.0 is open

SmartHide public release
First public version of Arovax SmartHide is being released