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Internet Traffic Encryption Basis

Practically every Internet user knows what a proxy server is. Nowadays the Internet traffic encryption theme became very popular among all sorts of people in the Internet.

Let's try to understand why this issue has so much importance for society and we will attempt to find out how to resolve it in most effective way.

First of all, we should understand clearly what Internet traffic is and how exactly we are transferring it insecure through the Internet.

In a few words, traffic is every step you make online:
-    Sending an email
-    Talking in ICQ
-    Providing credit card or PayPal info to third party sites or even on their original sites

By doing all of these without any Internet traffic encryption you're making a big mistake that can cost you a penny. That's not a fake, this is real. Check out the Google and try to search people who suffered from hackers. There're lots of them out there.

Issues and solutions
That's high time to observe the most particular and common cases of personal data theft by hackers and, of course, the ways to avoid this.

Firstly, you should imagine and remember that every site on the Internet is stored on a server physical space (hard drive). Hundreds of sites can be stored on 1 server. A server is a big PC with some additional features.

This server tracks and records all activities made by every user on every site. This means if you visit a site, you make yourself famous for a server records. The owner of that server can use this data as he wants. But you needn't scringe, all is not so bad.

Not all sites are unsafe. If you're frequent Internet user, you already know which sites are trusted and which are not. But what to do when you're visiting unknown sites first time? The practice shows that more than a half sites that you visit first time can harm your PC and your personal data because their owners can be crackers or hackers.

From know on, you can guess that Internet traffic encryption is a key for a safe Internet life. But let's think what is more important in the Internet than your personal data. You can be sure that this is your MONEY. If you still want not to share your money with hackers, you must encrypt your traffic right away.

Let's stop hackers stealing our money online
Even when you visit a https:// website, you're risking to give an unexpected present to hackers. The thing is that when https:// website is hacked even for a minute, all its data and data which goes on it are not encrypted at all. And, therefore, the information is visible for all hackers.

This is just the right time for explaining the effectiveness of SmartHide software. It really does provide Internet traffic encryption in all directions. All your emails, icq messages, payment info and any data you're transferring through the Internet will be encoded.

SmartHide is your air bag which will soften the blow when issues happen: e.g. https:// site is hacked. I.e. when a protected website is hacked all the data that you continue transferring to it stays encrypted because of SmartHide secure servers.

Internet traffic encryption is very important when we're speaking about any money deals online. When you use SmartHide, you hide all your real data including your location on the World map (SmartHide hides your IP address). That's very critical in case of protection your real home address against criminals.

Last but not least
There're lots of reasons and facts showing why you need Internet traffic encryption but all of them say the same – you need privacy, protection, an ability to surf the Internet being fully protected, do shopping online and much more.

If you'd like to get all answers about Internet traffic encryption, just let me know and I'll try to fulfill all your wishes.

Sincerely yours,
Richard Torn

Technical Support Engineer,
Arovax SmartHide Support Department
"Online anonymity is just a click away"

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Internet Traffic Encryption Basis

Practically everybody knows the word "sniffer". In theory, it's impossible to intercept secure SSL/TSL connections. But is it really so? >>>