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How should you hide IP address?

Before we start talking about Net security it's better to shatter the most stable myth concerning Internet anonymity.

No, it is not about that people think it is impossible to get any information about a person through the Internet. It is about the following statement: "I don't need anonymity because I do not pursue any "dark" deals. Only hackers should get concerned about it..."

Now think: is it good when strangers know your home address and want to enter your home without your permission? They always follow you wherever you go and they try to find out all about you. I don't think that somebody will be happy about it. So, tell me, please, why the majority of Internet users do not care about their security in the Net?

Besides that, more and more resources provide a user with different information according to his/her home location recently.

For example, a lot of US informational business projects do not show the most important data to people outside the USA. Is it not fair? Not half! Today we'll try to correct this unfairness.

If you know IP address of a computer you can learn a lot of things about its users. We start with the theory of nets in general and the Internet in particular. To be definite, we begin with the rule of addressing uploaded information packets.

So, when you type some address in a browser line, the request first of all is sent to the DNS server which transforms the symbol string into the set of 32 zeros and ones. (0, 1) — IP address which is used for routing.

If an intruder knows that address he/she can hook out a lot of information. For example, real home location. Or with the help of whois service which defines user's provider easily by his IP address.

Well, how can you protect yourself? For that reason you should hide IP address.

Proxy Server

Exploring how to hide IP address with a proxy server, which is something like a mediator between a user's computer and Internet servers, we have discovered the "betrayer" — IP address which in no way can be deleted because of the data routing necessity. But the proxy server sends requests to the web server itself. And it receives all the information in return. That's why the usage of a proxy may seem to be the anonymity guarantee at the first sight. But it's not so easy.

It transpired that the majority of proxies send final user IP address in a special field (x-forwarded-for). To tell the truth there are some anonymous services but it's hard to find them. If you find such a server you can hide IP address and use the Net. By the way, you can check any proxy for anonymity on the site www.proxylist.com.


Anonymizer is an anonymous proxy server which has its own web interface. And it's very easy to work with it. All you need is to go to the site, enter the necessary address in a special field and that's it. After that the server will hide IP address and the requested page will be downloaded. You can be sure that you are protected now.

Anonymizer Disadvantages:

  1. Download speed of pages can slow down considerably
  2. Most of anonymizers are rather expensive

Nowadays it's practically impossible to find a good anonymizer for free. Of course, when they had just appeared nobody could think about selling. Maximum that the owners could allow was to set some advertising banners. Now users do have to pay to stay unnoticed. Incidentally, there are a lot of people who stand on the fact that anonymizers are not legal and should be prohibited. But it's a flimflam of course. In this case we should also prohibit periwigs production because criminals use them to change their appearance.

Cookies technology

Now we know how to hide IP address, but there are other more effective ways to lurk. The most famous is cookies technology. Quite frequently people use Cookies technology for their sly purposes. What are they?

Cookie is a symbol string (4 KB) which a server writes to a specific file on a user PC . This technology was developed for the convenient working in the Net. For example, E-shop can remember a user and offer him/her to take a look at some new products according to his/her specific preferences. A special access limitation has been set to preserve data confidentiality: only that server that put the data in the cookies can read them in the future.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a piece of cake to bypass it. Think back, what do you see on almost all web pages in the Internet? That's right, banners and visitors counters. By the way, most of these elements are downloaded from their own servers. Therefore, a visitation counter script located on a number of sites can easily write down and read the data from cookies. As a result a system has an opportunity to follow your web route or to learn your web habits. And this, in its turn, is the natural lurk. Do you agree?

You should Hide IP address! There are different services that can hide IP address. One of them is Hide IP Address Software that uses GUI interface and has no equivalents in the Internet

Hide IP Address Software

Hide IP Address Software provides an anonymous surfing for Internet users. It's not addressed to change IP address many times, it is assigned to hide IP address using one of secure servers to give a user protected anonymous surfing. All sent and received information is encrypted. Nobody can see a real IP address and information that a user surfs or downloads from the Internet. Hide IP address for free right now.

There are a lot of services with web interface but in fact they provide not everything what they say. Furthermore, having an easy-to-use software you don't have to fill in the fields all the time. It will hide IP address absolutely for everything including ICQ, browsers, IRC, Email, FTP, etc.


Socks technology is a secure tool that provides anonymity in the Internet. We are talking about socks-protocols. A working principle of this technology is similar to that of the proxy servers. A socks-server receives user computer data, sends it to the web-server and retargets the returned data back.

Socks and Proxies Differences

There are several serious differences, truly:

  • "Communication" between a client PC and socks-server is served not by the common protocols but by special ones (socks4, socks5, etc.) As a result user's IP address transfer is impossible in principle.
  • Socks-server transforms user information into requests for the accepted protocols itself. That means that no other server will guess that it sends the data not to the final user but to its mediator. It's quite enough to download a special utility SocksCap provided by Company NEC USA, Inc. Install it, run it, choose the software which should be secured. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox), put in socks-server address and a port. That's all — now you are safe while using browsers.


That's all there is to it, I guess. We've presented the most famous ways which can be used in order to make a user anonymous in Internet space today. Of course the situation changes all the time and new developments appear each day. That is why if you want to be protected and anonymous while surfing the Internet try to follow the latest news concerning computer security.

Visit Hide IP page where you can find more related topics.

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How should you hide IP address?

No, it is not about that people think it is impossible to get any information about a person through the Internet. It is about the following statement: "I don't need anonymity because I do not pursue any "dark" deals. Only hackers should get concerned about it..." >>>

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