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Do we need to hide IP address to be anonymous?

"How to avoid the total control of users in the Internet?"

Nowadays it is a frequent question because of pirate distribution, porno films propagation, cyber-terrorism threatening, spam spreading and the existence of many other threats which can be quite real as well as absolutely fantastic ideas of crazy people. Human rights activists are against such a control. They say that it's the violation of law, and a lot of users agree, especially those who cannot stand for the feel of panic connected with any kind of control.

In this article I'd like to clear out the questions about Internet anonymity, about people who make money with its help and how you can defend yourself from them. But remember! Everything that you will see below are author's thoughts only and you shouldn't use them as the incentive for actions.

What is anonymity today?

In the Internet a user is formally anonymous. But in fact all user actions are fixed, cross-checked and processed from the very first click in a browser. It is not a big secret that an Internet Provider gives you the Internet access and fixes all actions you perform. It stores this information for a long period of time on its server.

Free e-mail servers (which you use for e-mailing) not only fix your logs. Besides the complete perlustration of your e-mail traffic, they explore your letters and paste advertisings to incoming or outgoing messages according to the words you type in them.

Somebody can object that he/she has been using a free e-mail service for many years and never noticed such an intrusion. If you have not seen that, it doesn't mean that your e-mail box is not analyzed. It just means that there are not so many people who know that it is the most widespread way of earning money.

For example, take a look at Google Company. Try to use hotmail.com or gmail.com and send an e-mail to your friend. In a letter ask your friend to advise you on the best plasma TV. Be sure that in the bottom of the next letter you will see the Internet-market advertising offering plasma TV sets...

If you ask about video games, movies or cartoons you will see the specific advertising in a letter. Moreover, most of the large portals sell your personal data and interests and it doesn't matter if it's a free e-mail service or a search engine - google.com. They provide the information you need imperceptible.

It is the control, isn't it? And in most cases you even do not suspect it. But you always have a way out – you can hide your computer IP address with a special hide IP address software like Arovax SmartHide or another service. But SmartHide is a unique product in the whole Internet. Hide IP address for every web source and your Online anonymity is out of question. If you do so then they won't be able to see the information because it is encoded. They can only see the traffic that you spent.

Paid Hide IP Address Software

Let's consider the following - SmartHide software that can hide IP address for anonymous surfing in the Internet. When you are using hide IP address software, you don't get any advertisements. All you need for hiding your IP address is to push the button "Make me invisible".

Free Hide IP Address Software

Free Hide IP Address Software almost always contains ads and pop-ups. That is why it is not convenient to use it every time you use the Internet. It has many restrictions and slows down the Internet speed.

Every Site Breaks User Privacy

It is enough to read, for example, about LG refrigerator and I promise you that the next time you come here the first thing you’ll see on the site will be a special offer of this refrigerator or a discount on it. They will say that this offer is time limited and it will be over tomorrow if you do not buy it right now. No doubt that you will fondly believe that you have hit the jackpot which you wished for the last half a year.

In the meantime business owners wash their hands in invisible soap and count their profits having proved once again that an expensive tracking system for potential buyers is worth paying for. And do not believe that if you do delete all your cookies and Internet temporary files regularly it is not your business. There are old-established control mechanisms which do not depend on cookies absence while visiting sites.

Many of the mechanisms can be defrauded too. All you need is to hide your IP address. Your information is invisible for people who pursue you while your IP address is hidden. They cannot store your true statistics and use it for their personal needs. In principle, some sites, like SmartHide.com, give you a chance to stay on your own choice.

These are the most typical situations which the majority of Internet users encounter every day. I can continue providing examples but I know for sure that the main idea is clear.

The Conclusion

The upshot is that it is naive to assume that there is any anonymity in the Internet and that it is allegedly possible to disable it. However there are many unfavorable implications in such anonymity which are not included into examples listed above.

The Most Serious Backlashes:

  • Omnipresent distribution of information and data guarding by the law. Millions of P2P net users illegally download software, music and books prejudicing an irreparable injury to right holders and their representatives.
    These people say: "The information should be free". But we should understand that when we download an mp3 track or a new book of Harry Potter we automatically break a law and even breed the derogation of it in our children. Just think for a while - what will happen with a child who sees every day how his farther is easily committing a crime?!
  • Children are in danger because they can get the information which is able to influence their health, intellectual and moral development. Among these threats is alcohol and tobacco or drugs propaganda, and restricted advertisements which are forbidden. Children can fall under different sects influence trying to impose their own ideology. And they are everywhere on the Internet.
    Sometimes you can see how a pretty, larky child can turn into a bad one who hates his best friends or neighbors for no reason at all. Just one morning he started to behave himself like this and parents do not know what to do. In this list we can include hackers' stories too. Many children have the image of a hacker-hero who "hacks" the Pentagon or the FBI.
    They try to do the same as they have seen it in a film or read in a magazine. But of course they do not understand that every "computer break" is law-breaking and that they can be put to prison for that and stay there with real criminals. The more time children spend in the Internet, the more risk for them to be impaired and harmed. And this risk is rising every year, month, day and even hour.
  • Spreading of spam, net worms, spyware, malware, etc. Nobody is protected from them once he has entered the Internet. Use smart services to hide IP address and this risk will be lowered.

Who benefits from the current state of modern "anonymity"?

Who will suffer if control and censorship are introduced?

  • Criminal groups using the Internet as a device for getting grafts.
  • Antivirus and antispyware designers and other software developers who help people to be secure.
  • Operating Systems specialists compelling users to buy a new OS version just because the last one is not protected from the latest Internet threats.
  • Businessmen who have the opportunity to track you in virtual space. But if they did that in real life they would have been already sentenced to imprisonment.
  • Ambiguous goods creators. Their money turnover is not controlled in the Internet.
  • Gambling industry representatives. They know that it is better to have uncontrolled business on human weaknesses in the Internet than in reality.
  • Radical organizations. They find potential victims in virtual Net.
  • At last personal computers developers. We are fain to spend money on different upgrades in order to be up-to-date and run all new software.

It is profitable for everybody but not for a law-abiding person who wants to live in accordance with the principles of morality. A man does not want to exist believing in virtual society thoughts. He/she may get his own way if he/she hides IP address and surfs the Internet staying anonymous.

How to resolve the entire problem?

Needless to say that there are a lot of variants but nobody knows which one is the final and can be used. The best solution is to use Hide IP Address Software like Arovax SmartHide and hide IP address for anonymous surfing. This should solve the main problem in the Internet - complete anonymity. With the software which can hide IP address you can be safe because all your data is secured and no one will see it.

Another Solution

There's another effective way (no doubt that 99% of readers will oppose it) - modify the existing communicational protocols in such a way that every net device can authenticate users. And all facts about users should be stored on something like a global base. But it is impossible to realize this method in current conditions of the WWW. That's why I hold the truth that the best way to be anonymous is to hide IP address.

But imagine for a second, if it is possible - you go to a Web-site - and it generates a message stating what personal data you should give to the resource to get the information you need (for all site pages or for some pages of a site). Your right: to agree or to go away. All is clear and there's no field for abuse. This will result in disappearance of spam, viruses and other waste which will be blocked from distribution.

The very important thing is that it can be realized within the existing Internet structure and there is no need to wait for some new US military developments.

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Reasons for hiding software

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Do we need to hide IP address to be anonymous?

Nowadays it is a frequent question because of pirate distribution, porno films propagation, cyber-terrorism threatening, spam spreading and the existence of many other threats which can be quite real as well as absolutely fantastic ideas of crazy people. Human rights activists are against such a control. >>>

Why should you hide IP address?

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When should you hide IP address?

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How should you hide IP address?

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Truth about Chinese Internet

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