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How to hide your IP address

There are a lot of online resources that intentionally collect various data about their users. In most cases, those data are used to analyze the audience of the website and to ensure a more effective targeting of advertising campaigns. However, such personal information can easily be used for any different purposes. >>>

All about IP address hiding

Everybody knows that in order to hide IP address one should use a proxy server. While using a proxy server it is possible to hide all the identity. To get the possibility of hiding the data one have to get the URL of the site you are going to visit anonymously. After submitting the web site proxy server form make a request for the page you want to visit and without IP passing to the page. The features of the website varies together with prices, some of them provide a one –time subscription, the others - a monthly transcription for different services. >>>

IP number protection

Browsing Internet your IP address identifies the location to the websites being visited. As we know anonymity is the ability to visit websites without being noticed. Many various proxy services can provide web privacy for different prices.>>>

Privacy on the Web

More and more people continue worrying about privsacy on the web. Most people do not really.
Know how they can protect themselves on the web. There are plenty of occasions of where people get the identity stolen or personal data because they do not think about the problems. >>>

Information concerning hiding IP

Many people accurately consider their private information in the Internet scaring to be hacked. Hackers smash Internet Protocols in the net fearing that it will be lost. IP hiding is professional method allowing users to hide IP addresses and making it unreachable on the Internet. Everything has its own cost. In this case we are sure the price means nothing if you want to be surely protected on the Web. >>>

Reasons for hiding software

First of all in order to understand why should you hide your software you should know why do you need it. Many users watch the advertisement then decide to purchase this or that kind of software according to their needs. Then some time later they realize it is useless and does not suit at all. >>>

Do we need to hide IP address to be anonymous?

Nowadays it is a frequent question because of pirate distribution, porno films propagation, cyber-terrorism threatening, spam spreading and the existence of many other threats which can be quite real as well as absolutely fantastic ideas of crazy people. Human rights activists are against such a control. >>>

Why should you hide IP address?

All websites in the Internet are situated on different web servers all over the world. Each web server can contain the number of sites from one to several thousands. It often depends on the server type and its configuration. All web servers have log files where information is stored. So, this information is about you, too. >>>

When should you hide IP address?

A lot of sites can steal information while you're connected to their servers. It happens because your IP address is not protected. When you are Online all known and unknown threats can enter your PC without permission too. You have no anonymity while surfing the Internet. So, hide it now and be happy. >>>

How should you hide IP address?

No, it is not about that people think it is impossible to get any information about a person through the Internet. It is about the following statement: "I don't need anonymity because I do not pursue any "dark" deals. Only hackers should get concerned about it..." >>>

Truth about Chinese Internet

Chinese authorities have blocked Internet access for search engines (SE): Google, Yahoo! and Live Search (MSN). The only way out for the Chinese now is to hide IP address in order to avoid the pursuit of the government. >>>