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How to Choose Change IP Address Software?

You are not alone in the Internet

I am sure that you think you are alone while surfing the Internet. But actually, only the following approach describes the reality: "When you surf the Net, the Net is surfing you".

We are not protected in the Internet

What does it mean? It means that we are not protected at all while surfing the Internet. To be protected we need to change IP address but but nobody will ever tell you about it. And it’s not a surprise because the Internet surfing is connected with the most profitable thing in the whole world – making the money through the Internet. But we shall stick to the truth.

No one likes if somebody watches him. People from all over the world meet through the Internet but most of them are not aware that somebody might be watching them and tracking down all their activities on the Net. As for me, I will never give my consent to this. And I'm sure that there're many people who agree with me.

Lots of PC users do not know that their personal computer has a special number in the Internet. On the other hand, there are people who know about IP address but they do not find it is necessary to change IP address of their computers to stay anonymous in the Internet. But the truth is that you need to change your IP address to stay alone.

How to change IP address in a short time?

I will try to give you the right answer. It is not as hard as you might think. You can find a lot of solutions which guarantee you the full anonymity. Some of them are secure but the rest even do not change your IP address. If you want to see the best solution explaining how to change IP address for sure, please continue reading this article.

Things you must know first of all

  1. Every computer connected to the World Wide Web has an IP address assigned to it by an Internet Service Provider
  2. IP address is the ground factor of a computer in the Internet but it can be a betrayer
  3. You need to change IP address to avoid problems with your real IP address

IP address can reveal you

IP address can reveal each and every communication in the Internet, including all the websites you have browsed.

When people know that they are not alone while browsing the Internet they want to change IP address. And as we know: where's the demand, there's the supply. Therefore, a lot of solutions have appeared to meet this requirement. But there are always services available that can bring us some help or none at all. So, we always have a choice and I want to help you to choose the best one.

Please answer the following questions to choose the best software for changing your IP address:

  • Do you prefer the web based interface where you need to go to a website every time you want to change IP address?
  • Do you like the software with the GUI (graphical user interface) which requires absolutely nothing to change the IP address?

Types of Change IP Address Software

  1. Online Anonymizer Web based interface
  2. Offline Change IP address Software User-friendly interface or GUI

What is GUI software?

If you are a PC user, you use software with a simple interface (GUI) everyday. Some examples of GUI software: e-mail applications (Outlook Express, The Bat, Mozilla Thunderbird), Instant messengers (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!), antivirus software (Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky, AVG AntiVirus) and others. If you really want to change IP address very fast and without wasting your time, you need GUI software.

You can use the unique GUI change IP address software that can change IP address and encode all traffic. This powerful but easy to use software will change your IP address in a few seconds. It is as easy as pie.

What is a Web based software?

A web based software is nothing but a simple proxy server. If it is banned from a site, you cannot access this site with its help anymore. Some people think that Online solutions are better because they provide better options than a simple desktop program. Such an assumption is caused by the lack of knowledge of users.

Difference between Change IP Address GUI Software and Web based Software

Many people do not see the difference between Change IP Address GUI Software and Web based Software. The main difference between Online Service and Offline GUI Software is as follows: Offline GUI software has a simple interface and does not require any cognition.

Other differences

  • GUI Software saves your time
  • Offline Software has more fields to apply to than Online services
  • Online Software does not allow to come back to a site
  • Online Software does not encode your traffic

Other people want to change IP address for illegal deals in the Internet. It could also be an invitation for hackers and other criminals to change IP address in order to do their “dark” business. But GUI Change IP Address Software does have the protection against them. So, don't worry about your privacy, your reputation will be always under the guard of software creators. The technical staff has the task to follow the people who change IP address for “dark” purposes. In this way there is no reason to worry. The technology brought into accord GUI Change IP Address Software with a very simple, efficient and perfectly legal method to change the IP address.

How does GUI Change IP Address Software work?

To begin with, when anyone logs onto the Internet, the IP address of the computer is relayed over the domain. Anyone in that domain can then get access to the IP address and come to know which computer it belongs to. Since IP addresses are unique to computers, it is very easy to find out who you are.

GUI Change IP Address Software, in its turn, breaks this direct connection between a computer and the Internet. It connects through a fake IP relay system, which will generate a fake IP for the computer. Anyone tracking the IP address of the computer will then see this fake IP and not the original one that has been provided by the Internet Service Provider.

GUI Change IP Address Software is very user-friendly and convenient to use. Many people are using it to get the supreme security and privacy in their Internet communications.

Summing up all of the above, we can say that anyone can use GUI Change IP Address Software to be anonymous in the Internet.

Maybe it is your turn to try it now?

If you do not want to search for such a change IP address software you can change IP address with SmartHide. It is easy.

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