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How to Change IP Address with Proxy Server?

2012-05-31 05:25:11

Change IP Address with Proxy Server

If you want to access blocked sites or sites from which you have been banned you have to change IP address.

For that purpose, you may use Proxy Server. Firstly, you need to find an anonymous proxy server and set it up in a browser.

You can use the following list of proxies or any other one.

Change IP address with a Proxy Server in Internet Explorer:

  1. Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections

    Internet options connections

  2. Choose a connection you use and press the button "Settings"
  3. In the section "Proxy Server" tick the box "Use a proxy server"

    Internet options connections settings

  4. Enter in your proxy server in the window shown.
  5. Click the button "OK" twice.

E.g. Your Proxy Server looks like: 123.456.789:3128 or example.com:8080.

The numbers before a "colon" - Proxy Server address. The numbers after "colon" - Proxy Server port.

Therefore, put the address in the left window (123.456.789 or example.com) and the port in the right window (3128 or 8080).

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If your IP address is not changed, try to use another Proxy Server to change IP address again.

If you do not want to set up your browser every time change IP address with SmartHide. It is easy and free.

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